Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome to the Sixties!

Welcome to this new blog about the music of the Sixties. Many think the Sixties was a time of war, political turmoil and revolution. To me, the Sixties was a time of fun, freedom, love, joy and adolesence. I wasn't a flower child, or a hippie or a protestor, I was just a teenager full of anticipation and hope. It was probably the most exciting decade of my life, and a big part of that time was the music.

The music of the Sixties is the best EVER, and many of us remember it with love and nostalgia, while others are just now discovering it.

This blog will highlight, mostly through YouTube videos, the top hits of the Sixties and also advertise any Sixties Revival concert events.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks for visiting "A Delicious Decade of Music"!

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Anonymous said...

I loved the sixities too. Your right. There were a lot of good things about it. I'm wondering if you have seen 'Across The Universe' If you haven't I think you would really like it. It starts ou slow and the hubby and I nearly turned it off but It is so good we have watched three times since. There is a review about it on my blog. Your blog is looking really good. Welcome to blog world.

chess1026 said...

...i love your 60's site...i grew up in an Asian country, the Philippines, and let me tell you that back in the 60's American music and British Invasion also came to our shores...i grew up listening to the beatles, peter & gordon, dc5, monkees, animals, gary lewis and the playboys, beach boys, lovin' spoonful, association, searchers, hollies, herman's hermits, mamas & the papas, and a whole lot more...there's something about the 60's music that's very unique and cool and's innocent, sweet, raw, pop, bubblegum, experimental, that when i listen to 80's music i am always reminded of the 60's celebrates life...what a wonderful era...and i'm glad that i grew up in it...thanks for your posts...please don't stop...keep on rockin' those 60's tunes...