Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Record Shop

Record stores are getting harder and harder to find, but they still do exist today, all over the country. A great article about the best record shops was featured on PasteMagazine.com.

The article "The Record Store:A Good Thing" lists several record stores still thriving around the country, and the author includes links to all the stores' websites.

Most of these stores stock vinyl LPs, 45's and lots of oldies.

In my neigborhood, Salt Lake City, there is a neat record shop that opened in 1978 and celebrated 30 years in business last year. Randy's Records is a "goldmine" for vinyl record collectors.

Here is an interesting review and interview with the shop's owner, Randy, from Slugmag.com "Bury My Heart in a Record Sleeve"

Randy's Records MySpace page

Is there still a record shop in your area? What's the best record shop you've ever visited? Where is it? Or do you just order your records online? I'd like to add links to all the best record shops and online stores for vinyl collectors. Please let me know about your favorites so I can add them.

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