Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nights in White Satin

The Moody Blues were one of my favorite groups in the '60's and "Night's in White Satin" was a classic, still is!

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Fran said...


The Moody Blues were a big favorite of mine too,
I still have the vinyl but no record player!

One of my sons gave me the CD a couple of years ago and I listen to it every once in a while...

I have Roy Orbison's 'Only the Lonely' on my blog
right now with a trackback to Carl Hoffman's 'The Official 60's Site - Spotlighted Artist' and a comment by Monica asking 'who sang Shaboom...Shaboom?'

I would love to have you make a comment about that on
http://www.Apprentice Marketer

I'm going to post Nights in White Satin now with
a tracback to your blog.