Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Avatar Song, "I See You"

Like the love ballads of the 60's, the beautiful "I See You", from the soundtrack of "AVATAR", is a song that could easily become a choice for "Our Song".

It really should have been nominated for an Oscar by the Academy Awards committee, but it was overlooked. Although, the movie soundtrack, including the song, was nominated.

Listen to "I See You" written by James Horner and sung by Leona Lewis. What an incredible love song! Share it with someone special this coming Valentines Day! It may become for you both, "Our Song"!

Read the beautiful and touching lyrics from "I See You" on my new "AVATAR" blog:

Tsahaylu Blog

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YC said...

Love the blog. Have been scrolling for a while now and enjoying myself.

If you're ever in need of some inspiration, swing by www.youngcadence.com!

Best of luck in the New Year!

Emperor said...

Very nice. I found another of your blogs.