Thursday, February 25, 2010


One of the best Neil Diamond songs, "Stones". Do you remember this one?
The lyrics will touch your heart. Weren't we all "wildflowers" in the '60's?

"Just two wildflowers who grow...on stones."

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Friday, February 19, 2010

This Magic Moment

"This Magic Moment" was recorded by Jay and the Americans in 1969 and hit number 6, earning gold record status.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Memories

This seems like the perfect song for Valentine's Weekend. Hope you enjoy it!
I remember watching this Elvis Special in 1968, it's when I first discovered what a wonderful singer he was!


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Friday, February 12, 2010

A Time For Us Someday Will Be

One of the saddest, but most beautiful movies ever made, "Romeo and Juliet" 1968. This clip has scenes from the movie and the original song, " A Time For Us"

A clip with more scenes from this classic movie, along with the original dialogue

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Turn Around

The year was '68-'69, the movies were "Love Story" and "Romeo & Juliet", it was a time of rEVOLution, and for me, it was a time of awakening and wonder. This love ballad by The Vogues was #1 for several weeks. And it still opens my heart whenever I hear it. Enjoy!

"There is someone walking behind you,
turn around, look at me.
There is someone watching your footsteps,
turn around, look at me
There is someone who really needs you,
here's my heart in my hand.
Turn around, (turn around,) look at me,
(look at me,) understand,understand,
That there's someone who'll stand beside you.
Turn around, look at me.
And there's someone who'll love and guide you.
Turn around, look at me.
I've waited, but I'll wait forever for you to come to me.
Look at someone (look at someone) who really loves you,
yeah, really loves you. Turn around, look at me."

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Monday, February 8, 2010

"The Heidi Game"

If you are old enough to love '60's music, you probably remember the classic football game of 1968 known as "The Heidi Game". I still remember it well. It seemed funny to me, but the guys were SO mad!!!

In tribute to the 44th Super Bowl, here is a clip that tells the story of the "catastrophe", fondly remembered as "The Heidi Game".

"A famous American Football League (AFL) game between the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders, played on November 17, 1968 in Oakland, California. The fame of this game is the result of a decision by the NBC television network to terminate their broadcast with 65 seconds left to play in the game and instead broadcast a pre-scheduled airing of Heidi, a new made-for-TV version of the classic children's story".

Those were the days! Do you remember???

Sidenote: The New York Jets went on to win "Super Bowl III" two months later. (against the Colts!)

"Super Bowl III was the third AFL-NFL Championship Game in professional American football, but the first to officially bear the name "Super Bowl". (Although the two previous AFL-NFL Championship Games came to be known, retroactively, as "Super Bowls".) This game is regarded as one of the greatest upsets in sports history. The heavy underdog American Football League (AFL) champion New York Jets (11-3) defeated the National Football League (NFL) champion Baltimore Colts (13-1) by a score of 16–7. It was the first Super Bowl victory for the AFL. The game was played on January 12, 1969, at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida."

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Avatar Song, "I See You"

Like the love ballads of the 60's, the beautiful "I See You", from the soundtrack of "AVATAR", is a song that could easily become a choice for "Our Song".

It really should have been nominated for an Oscar by the Academy Awards committee, but it was overlooked. Although, the movie soundtrack, including the song, was nominated.

Listen to "I See You" written by James Horner and sung by Leona Lewis. What an incredible love song! Share it with someone special this coming Valentines Day! It may become for you both, "Our Song"!

Read the beautiful and touching lyrics from "I See You" on my new "AVATAR" blog:

Tsahaylu Blog

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